Wall of Shame

More Than A Cracked Pipe

More than a cracked pipe  A customer discovered a water leak and called us in to investigate. We found this…

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Bad Flue

Bad Flue  On our travels around Stevenage, we found this interesting way someone has made good an old flue hole.  …

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20 Years of Bad Smells

Twenty Years of Smells One customer called to complain of ‘drainage’ smells coming from the property,  the owner said they’d…

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blocked pipe speedfit

Circulation Problems

Circulation Problems With all of the dissimilar metals used in heating systems (copper, steel, cast iron, brass, aluminium etc) plus…

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boiler service

Boiler Service in Watford

Boiler Service in Watford A new customer hadn’t had their boiler serviced since installation. Luckily they called Space Heating for…

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waste pipe

Do you know a good plumber?

Do you know a good plumber? This was spotted on my travels and I just had to take a picture.…

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screwdriver in a boiler flue

Should I get my boiler serviced?

Found on a routine boiler service An existing customer of Space Heating wanted us to service an existing boiler in a…

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stored water in a loft

Stored water in a loft

Stored water in a loft Would you brush your teeth in this? No, not knowingly, but one of my new…

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unclean boiler filter

Power Flush

Power Flush We were called to a house where a new boiler was fitted two years before, and the owner…

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flue with tape

Flues in Voids

Flues in Voids A lot of the things we see by other so-called ‘plumbers’ are often quite amusing, but sometimes…

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dodgey rusted pipe

Dodgy Pipe

Dodgey Pipe We were called to a gas leak. The customer had already correctly isolated the gas before we arrived.…

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dodgey pipe inside

Cowboy Plumbing

Cowboy Plumbing Rather than change the gas pipe to the hob, why not cut off the hob fitting to suit…

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dodgey pipe in the wall

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap We see this far too often. Lazy fitters not even making good the flue after installation. This…

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