Illegal Gas Works

More and more, I’m being asked by builders on site or landlords knocking on the windows of our vans asking, “How much for a certificate?” 

When I ask if they mean a landlord’s safety certificate (CP12)?  

They reply, “No, I have a brand-new boiler fitted, and we need a certificate” 

Of course, we always refuse, but are all companies refusing? 

Often, the builder/plumber tries to explain how good a plumber he is. Some of the excuses for them not being registered I commonly hear are: 

  • I was registered, but it ran out, and I haven’t renewed my membership 
  • I’ve been a plumber for 20 + years, so I know what I’m doing. 
  • It’s too expensive to be registered 
  • I know how to be a plumber, but I’m not very good at exams 
  • It takes too long to become qualified 
  • It’s a waste of money to be Gas Safe Registered. You have to renew every year and retake exams every five years. It’s a con. 

Often because they aren’t registered and thus uninsured, they can give a cheaper quote for the gas works. The work they do is often not to regulations as shortcuts have been made. This also allows them to charge less. 

These shortcuts can be dangerous and cost the customer to get fixed at a later date. Many boiler problems I come across are due to the appliance being fitted incorrectly. 

I have seen many unqualified people ‘having a go’ at gas works. They get away with it because they fool the customers into thinking they are registered. I’ve come across customers who openly know the works are being carried out by unqualified plumbers but are prepared to ‘take the risk’ to save a few pounds. 

I often think if the plumber knows what he’s doing, has the experience and can pass the exams, then why don’t they? 

My staff and I have passed. We revise and keep up to date with the regulations. We register every year, retrain and pass the exams every five years. 

All this we do to keep us and our customers safe and because were professionals and we take pride in our profession. 

So next time you need some gas works done. Make sure the installer is registered and has put his money, time and effort into his profession.