Found on a routine boiler service

An existing customer of Space Heating wanted us to service an existing boiler in a new property they had bought. 

On inspection of the flue, it was easy to see it hadn’t been connected to the boiler correctly. 

In fact, I could pass a screwdriver through a gap and into the Air Intake section of the flue. 

This had obviously been like this since installation, and there were records on site showing the boiler had been serviced several times by different companies over the years. 

A warning notice was issued, and the boiler was made safe by being disconnected from the gas supply. 

As there were other installation faults, the boiler was quite old and a non-condensing model. The customer asked us to fit a new boiler. 

We have now fitted a new Vaillant eco-tec plus boiler, which is more efficient, and the heating circuit has been power flushed. 

Also added to the installation were: 

  • Thermostatic radiator valves 
  • Magnetic filter on the boiler return pipe 
  • Limescale filter on cold inlet pipe 
  • 22mm auto by-pass between heating flow and return pipes 
  • Wireless programmable room stat 
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector (audible) 

These additions will prolong the life of the new boiler and give added comfort to the customer. 

If you haven’t had your boiler serviced for over a year, please give us a call and arrange a visit from one of our qualified staff. 

For more information on boiler servicing, get in touch with our helpful crew: 

0800 158 4423 

screwdriver in a boiler flue