It’s very important to have a clean system free of general dirt, debris, flux, and rested metal particles. Over time, these things will build up in the pipes, pumps, valves, radiators, boiler heat exchanger, cylinder, and anything with moving parts.  

Not only will this sludge shorten the life of your heating system, but eventually, if not treated, a complete blockage will occur. This not only will shorten the life of your boiler and heating system, but it will eventually breakdown completely. 

In turn, this sludge will end up costing you a lot of money.  

A power flush uses our specialist machinery, a Hi-Flow Pump, and chemicals to help remove these particles from the system and prolong its life. 

Once we have cleaned your system, we can treat it with a quality inhibitor to prevent a build-up in the future. 

For more information on how a power flush could save you money, get in touch with our helpful crew: 

0800 158 4423 


A heating system part covered in black slime


All clean now