Power Flush

We were called to a house where a new boiler was fitted two years before, and the owner was having problems with their hot water. 

Every time they had a shower, the water kept going hot and cold. It was the same from every tap; also, when the boiler had fired on full flame, there were loud banging noises coming from the boiler. 

This picture is of the filter, which should’ve been completely clear. As you can see, it's very dirty. This “sludge” wasn’t removed before installation. The installer skipped the time-consuming but very important power flush. He probably won the job by giving a low installation price. 

The sludge had blocked inside the boiler, and therefore, unnecessary parts and labour were charged to the customer. 

When we fit any new boiler, we carry out a Power flush on the heating circuit prior to the installation. This removes any iron oxides (sludge) from the system and prevents this from damaging the new boiler and pump etc. 

It also increases the efficiency of the system, and with a quality inhibitor added, it prevents any future build-up of sludge. 

Signs your system may need a power flush 

  • If your radiators have cold spots 
  • You have a combination boiler and have intermittent hot water flow (water at the outlet repeatedly going hot then cold) 
  • Noisy pump 
  • Black residue on tissue when you bleed the radiators 

If you notice any of these scenarios, please don’t hesitate to contact us: 

0800 158 4423



unclean boiler filter