Making pipework look more like art 

Pipework can often be left looking like an eyesore, but not when our engineers are involved.  

We had a brief to survey and quote in a commercial property of our Hertfordshire clients. It might look like a complicated map of pipework and might confuse some people. Not our specialist team. Each pipe serves a specific purpose and is designed to make the finished installation practical, efficient, effective and also aesthetic to the eye. 

The new copper piping has a long lifespan, so people can look at our work of art for years to come. Our two expert installation engineers made quick work of the complex pipework, together with two Viessman Vitodens 100-W system gas condensing boilers. We have found Viessman to be the most reliable and efficient boiler. They always come with a long manufacturer’s warranty. 

The client was incredibly pleased with our ‘work of art’. We’re secretly very proud of our work too. 

The installation features a Low Loss Header, a device that provides hydraulic separation between the primary and secondary circuits in a heating system, especially when multiple, pumped circuits operate together. A Low Loss Header regulates the flow rate and water pressure that passes through the secondary heating circuit. This ensures the boiler operates at peak efficiency, 

Our engineers fit a MagnaClean Pro 2 filter, which is essential to the life of the boiler. It removes iron oxide, mainly from internal rust in radiators. Without one, the system is completely unprotected, and sludge can build up and lead to the radiators not heating up correctly. This sludge will travel through the boiler and eventually can cause failures such as blocking the heat exchanger (a very costly component to fix!). 

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The boilers and pipework before:

Screenshot 2024-02-01 121325

The boilers and pipework after: