New Heating Installations

New Heating Installations

If you're buying a new property or updating an existing, why not look at saving on those utility bills by fitting an up to date, efficient heating system?

Space Heating Ltd love installing up to date heating systems. We still see plumbers fitting the same (out of date) heating systems that were being fitted forty years ago.

With the update of ways to control your system, under floor heating and solar hot water, new systems can save you money.

Breaking up the heating system into several zones is another great way of saving money. Separating floors in your property reduces the demand on your boiler.  For example, when you go to bed at night the downstairs circuit can switch off and cut your gas demand by 50% on a two floor property.

During the day you may want to set the upstairs (except bathroom) to a lower heat as you spend most of your time downstairs.

The above picture shows an installation in progress but you can see five separate zone valves.

One hot water zone and four heating zones. This gives the customer more control on what part of the house they heat and at what temperature.