Heating Controls

Don't waste money heating your property when you’re not there. The new heating controls improve your comfort levels and bank balance. 

Updating to the latest heating controls can really save you money. 

We carried out a full heating installation for a customer in Harrow, where we fitted the Heatmeiser Neo stats. 

You can adjust these smart, easy-to-use thermostats from your smartphone. You don’t have to adjust it; this stat's new addition is GEOLOCATION. 

Are you tired of setting your heating times to suit your week? With Geolocation, you quickly set two parameters on your phone. 

  1. When leaving, at what distance from your property do you want your heating to turn off? 
  1. When arriving at what distance from your property do you want your heating to turn on? 

As you can see from the picture, this customer has chosen to turn their heating off when they get 1 mile from their property. If they pop to the local shops, the heating will stay on, but it will automatically turn off if they go to work. 

On returning, they have set the heating to come back on when they are 3 miles away. This gives the property a little time to heat up by the time they arrive. 

Several users can set their preferences to prevent the heating from turning off until the last person leaves for the day. 

It’s a great way of saving money on utilities. If you decide to go out after work, you don’t waste any money on heating an empty house. 

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