Full Heating + Hot / Cold Water Installation

When you move to a new property, it can be tempting to get the paint brushes out and decorate, install new hardwood floors and carpets and move in straight away. But what are we covering over? 50-year-old pipes? Ancient electrics? 

It's always worth thinking before we spend lots of money as it can be costly to rip up new floors fixing leaks on old pipework that should’ve been replaced long ago. 

This is exactly what a customer of ours chose to do before they moved in. They already knew the heating system had to be renewed and called us in for a free estimate. 

After going over their plans for an extension, they decided on; 

  • A new Viessmann 200 system boiler to be fitted in the loft 
  • Weather compensation to gain even more efficiency 
  • A Spirocross combined hydraulic separation, deaerator and magnetic filter 
  • A new heating circuit with heat-calculated radiators to run on low temperatures 
  • New underfloor heating system on the ground floor 
  • A 300 ltr Viessmann unvented cylinder to give plenty of hot water 
  • A little bit of “Space Heating Magic” 

Our customer was thrilled with our installation, and as designed, it works brilliantly, keeping the house warm and water hot in such an efficient way. 

We may get beaten on price, but never on quality and luckily, our customers choose the latter. 

For more information, get in touch with our helpful crew: 

0800 158 4423



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