Should I get my boiler serviced / checked ?

Yes is the simple answer. Not only does this keep your new boiler in warranty, it lets the gas safe operative spot potential problems early on.

During servicing we come across minor defects that are easily fixed when spotted early. On condensing boilers we check the flue gas readings and adjust them to manufacturer’s instructions to keep the boiler burning as efficient as possible.


Will a condensing boiler save me money ?

Condensing boilers are very efficient, if set correctly they can run at over 90% efficiency. Compared to the older open flue, permanent pilot boilers which can run at only 60% efficiency. So with today’s gas prices in can save you money in the long run.

More savings can be made by updating your heating controls at the same time.


What is a TRV ?

A TRV stands for a thermostatic radiator valve. It lets the end user set a desired temperature for that space or room the valve is situated.

If for example in a bedroom the TRV is set to 18 degrees , once the room has reached that temperature the valve will shut off. This reduces the amount of water the boiler has to heat, thus saving money.

 Once the temperature starts to fall the valve will reopen giving a constant heat.