Boiler and cylinder installation in Welwyn, Herts

We recently received a great call from a happy customer. 

In December 2011, we installed a new Veissman condensing system boiler and Megaflow unvented cylinder in the customer’s loft. We were replacing an old back boiler situated in the living room and a foam-lagged cylinder in the airing cupboard. Both were inefficient, and the customer wanted to update his system and save money on gas bills. 

The new boiler was over 90% efficient, and the heat loss on the new cylinder was far less than the old copper one.  The cylinder was placed close to the boiler, reducing the pipe run and any heat loss through the pipe work. We also fitted a wireless programmable room stat which enabled the customer to set desired temperatures at set times. 

The reason for the call was to let us know how happy he was with our installation. He also wanted to send us the information from his gas supplier showing the great reduction in the gas used. 

Below is a table of the gas used over the same period the previous year:

December 1040 1575.06
November 688.24 1004.66
October 396.65 544.40
September 192 275
August 187 208.86
July 167 178.60
June 178.25 177.68
May 240.47 506.05
April 392 702
March 867.68 1101.50
February 956 1366.91
January 1313.58 1698.44
TOTAL 6591.87 9339.16

*All amounts are Kwh

(Total Saving 2747.29 Kwh)

As you can see the amount of gas used from the same period has been hugely reduced. The customer is spending far less on gas bills and the installation is actually paying for itself.

For more information on our boiler installations, get in touch with our helpful crew: 

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