Air Source Heat Pumps and our MCS Certification

What is an air source heat pump? 

An air source heat pump provides both heating and hot water that require very little maintenance. You can generate your own renewable energy and potentially save you money on your energy bills in the long run.  

Even though they run on electricity, they still result in generating less CO2 than many conventional heating systems. If you have solar panels, you can link the heat pump to these to generate your own electricity. 

Air source heat pumps are a low-carbon way to heat your home. The typical heat pump should generate 3-5 units of heat for each unit of electricity it uses, making heat pumps 300-500% efficient, compared to 60-98% efficiency for gas boilers.  

So, you lower your carbon footprint along the way. 

How does an air source heat pump work? 

They absorb heat from the outside, or surrounding air, which is pumped over the heat exchange surface. The heat causes the refrigerant liquid in the pump to evaporate and turn into a gas. This gas is then compressed, increasing the pressure and causing the temperature to rise. The heated gas is transferred to the central heating or hot water system. They work a bit like refrigerators in reverse.

Even in cold weather, they can take enough heat from the air and can work up to around -20˚C. Fixed air source heat pumps can be reversed, so they can draw heat from inside a building, thus providing cooling during the summer.

There are very few cons to having an air source heat pump fitter. If you have small radiators, they might have to be replaced that are more suitable for heating your home at lower water temperatures. The amount of heating and hot water your household uses will determine the size of the heat pump you need, which will, in turn, affect the installation cost. 

How can we help you?

There is a government grant available of up to £7,500 to install an air source heat pump. As an MCS-certified installer, we can take the faff out of the application process and do this for you.  

Anything you need replacing due to the installation, like the radiators or underfloor heating, is completely VAT-free.

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