Twenty Years of Smells

One customer called to complain of ‘drainage’ smells coming from the property,  the owner said they’d had been living with the same awful smell for twenty years! 

We noticed there was scaffolding up. The owner said over those twenty years, there had been scaffolding up many times. We discovered an unused branch pipe in the loft void and used a remote camera to discover what was wrong and why the smell was so bad for so long.  

The camera soon discovered a soil and vent pipe with a four-inch open end that someone had attempted to seal with a screwed-up Hoover bag. The engineers cut out a section of the pipe, removing the offending article. The smell disappeared, and the client could breathe fresh air in her house for the first time in twenty years!  

The pipe joint was then replaced externally from the loft, and there was no need for scaffolding again.