Circulation Problems

With all of the dissimilar metals used in heating systems (copper, steel, cast iron, brass, aluminium etc) plus the added water, electrolytic corrosion can take place and ultimately damage your system, As you can see on these two separate photos, the white speedfit pipe is fully blocked and the copper pipe is badly restricted, In.. read more →

Full Heating + Hot / Cold Water Installation

When you move to a new property it can be tempting to get the paint brushes out and decorate, Install new hard wood floors and carpets and move in straight away. But what are we covering over ? 50 year old pipes ? Ancient electrics ? Its always worth thinking before we spend lost of.. read more →

Unvented cylinder installation in Hertfordshire

We’re currently working on this cylinder installation in Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Our customer previously had pressure problems on his old showers. There are many benefits of upgrading to an unvented cylinder; Mains pressure at all outlets (hot and cold) No need for cold water storage vessels in the loft Much better insulation and less.. read more →

Should I get My Boiler Serviced ?

Found on a routine boiler service An existing customer of Space Heating wanted us to service an existing boiler in a new property they had bought. On inspection of the flue it was easy to see it hadn’t been connected to the boiler correctly. In fact i could pass a screwdriver through a gap and into.. read more →

Boiler and cylinder installation in Welwyn, Herts

Boiler and cylinder installation in Welwyn, Herts   We recently received a great call from a happy customer. In December 2011 we installed a new Veissman condensing system boiler and Megaflow unvented cylinder in the customer’s loft. We were replacing an old Back boiler situated in the living room and a foam lagged cylinder in the.. read more →

Space Heating Ltd. against illegal gas work

More and more I’m being asked by builders on site or landlords knocking on the windows of our vans asking “ How much for a certificate ?” When I ask if they mean a landlords safety certificate (CP12) ? The reply “No, I have a brand new boiler fitted and we need a certificate” Of.. read more →

Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol

The client wanted a system that was: Reliable Easy to control Had Good water pressure / flow Designer flat panel radiators To make the system reliable we installed two Keston C55 condensing boilers and linked them together on a rig to give 110KW. What this basically means is that if one boiler develops a fault.. read more →

Stored water in a loft

Would you brush your teeth in this ? No, not knowingly but one of my new customers had been. A cold water storage vessel (c.w.s.v.) should be fitted correctly and to current regulations. A lid is a must, not a piece of wood or some polystyrene but a fitted lid which is made for that.. read more →

Flues in voids

A lot of the things we see by other so called “plumbers” are often quite amusing, but sometimes they can be dangerous. On this occasion we found an incorrectly fitted flue. As you can see there are no support brackets and the flue has become detached. Also the flue route wasn’t fitted to manufacturers instructions. We classed this.. read more →

Power Flush

We were called to a house where a new boiler was fitted two years before and the owner was having problems with their hot water. Every time they had a shower the water kept going hot and cold. It was the same from every tap. Also when the boiler had fired on full flame there.. read more →