02 Jan 2015

Filings In Gas Supply Line

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Filings found in gas pipe

Gas supply blockage

We installed a new boiler for our custoner in Bushey just over a year ago and the customer recently informed us the boiler was locking out and needed to be reset occasionally.

We inspected the boiler and found the fault to be with the gas valve, as the boiler was still under warranty the manufacturer changed the valve free of charge.

They informed us that there was debris in the valve. When the boiler was installed we ran a new copper 28mm supply from the meter to the boiler and knew that the problem must be with the supply into the property.

We were then called to another customer with two existing boilers in Northwood who reported the boilers were firing but not much heat was being produced.

We serviced the boilers and also removed the gas valves to find them blocked with debris which looked like small shavings of plastic / carbon. The gas pipe to the boilers were also partially blocked.

We called National grid who visited the Bushey property and said it must be from our new pipe. I explained this was impossible and about the same problem in a property nearby.

They refused to believe it was from their supply and left.

Space Heating ordered 2 x 28mm gas in-line fliters and fitted them to both properties just before the boilers. This will not stop the filings coming into the property but will stop them entering the gas valves and voiding the warranty.

We visited the northwood customer this week and checked the filter. The above picture is only three weeks after we fitted the strainer. As you can see its fully blocked and impacts on the boiler output but now we simply clear the filter and don’t have to strip and clean the gas valves.

The customer is calling the gas supplier to get them to find a solution the the problem.


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